I swear, with the excitement I’m feeling about the iPhoneography exhibition tomorrow night, you’d swear it was a big thing.  LOL, to me it is huge!

I’ve always been extremely critical of my work.  And my views about my photography are no different.  This view of my work wasn’t enhanced at all by the camera club in Sandton that I used to go to, because they destroyed my ego every month.  And apart from my blog, I don’t really show my own personal work… and that’s not the same as the photography I do for clients.

I get a huge thrill when I see people using my images.

I love it when someone is using my photos as profile photos on Facebook and Twitter and other social sites. And there’s nothing better than walking through someone’s house and seeing some portraits that I’ve done blown up on huge canvases.  I will never forget the staircases in my one client’s house, which are lined with images from her maternity shoot (the only one I’ve never been able to show you and the one that was my best ever)… and mixed in with my images are the ones she did in New York with a photographer that I recommended for her newborn photos (and the most incredible photographer to boot).  I love that the quality of my images on the wall equal the quality of the ones done overseas. And that she’s hopefully got more of them now that her daughter is older and we’ve done another shoot (and yet again I can’t show you, but they were the best photos of a 1 year old that I’ve ever taken).

So, when this iPhoneography exhibition came around, I decided to enter some images.  And I was hoping that I got to display at least one of them, so I entered about 7.  And none of them had people in them… apart from passersby… and I’m not really known for non-portrait photography. And I’m absolutely thrilled that 5 of them were chosen… and was very disappointed when one of them was an instagram image that I couldn’t blow up onto canvas.

So, I’ve had 4 of them printed onto canvas for the exhibition.  Two of them in A2 (one of them is the image in the blog post), one as an A4 and the last was a 30X30.  I think they look good.

And tomorrow I get to see them next to the other iPhone photogs images.  Part of me is praying that mine will stand up against the others.  But I can honestly say that I’m so very curious to see what everyone else’s turned out like, and how they framed them, and how big they managed to blow them up.  Because in fact, that’s why the one image is only an A4… I didn’t think that it would be able to be enlarged, but after seeing the A4, I know that it would have looked magnificent as a larger canvas.

Because it’s an iPhone exhibition I feel that it’s a more even playing field, because everyone used the same equipment… the only difference is really the editing app that they used… and their eyes and composition etc.  And because of that fact, I think this is a more interesting exhibition than a normal photographers showcasing.

So anyway after this long ramble, I’ve also decided that I’m going to sell the canvases.   And all the profits from the sale will be going to Team JP (You know the guy with cancer whose photos I took a few weeks ago) to help pay for his cancer treatment.

My next dream though, is to get a few of my DSLR images displayed somewhere in a gallery.  So, even though this exhibition effectively ticks off the item from my bucket list, I need more now.  I really want to be able to sell my images as art now… and not just as commissioned photoshoots.

PS.  If you want to find out more about the iPhoneography exhibition, the information is on the FB event page