I had a haircut late this afternoon at the new HAND salon in Parkhurst.  And yes, I heard about it via a few blogs and Twitter 😉 and decided to try it out.

First, the name… HAND = Have a Nice Day! How cool?!

Can you say awesome?! They offered me wine as I walked it… and that word came before the “coffee” word!! Not that I should have said yes on an empty stomach but anyhoo!  

So now my hair is chocolate brown again, and short again, and he’s cut my hair in a style that I’m not quite used to yet (so there are no pics of me until I get the hang of it)… and I befuddled them slightly with my hairloss story, but thankfully Alain, the dude that cut my hair, knew his stuff and knew immediately that the Nioxin that was on offer was WRONG for me because it removes testosterone from the scalp… no WONDER it didn’t work when I tried it years ago (remember I have zero testosterone in my body and even less will cause more problems)

The owner Shanon, took me on a tour around the place, and although I didn’t take out my DSLR, I took a few iPhone shots… this place will be awesome once the coffeeshop/waiting area is finished… and even more awesome once the attached beauty salon has a tenant (which she’s looking for BTW 😉 ).  How rad are the apple mirrors?!

So it was cool… and they were nice… and the price was slightly less than what I paid at the other salon I’ve been going too… and it’s on my way home from work kinda… so I’ll be back 🙂

Disclaimer:  I wasn’t compensated at all for this post, and I wasn’t asked to post about it… just did it cos I felt like it 😉