I bought myself a Kindle with the idea that I would have time to read a lot this holiday.  It arrived on Friday just in time for my holiday. We arrived in Ballito today…  and I have yet to use the Kindle.

And the reason… because Bradley discovered that it’s got a dictionary built into it.  I showed him the dictionary, and he spent a few hours reading a book about animals and running upstairs to look up words that he wasn’t sure about.  And then I bought him a Famous Five book by mistake (seriously it was by mistake, I got a sample to see if he would read the book on the device, and then pressed “buy” by mistake).

And guess what he did for most of the journey down to KZN?  Read his book on MY Kindle.  And in fact, after there was a tussle around Pietermaritzburg, I quickly bought a story about a dragon for Connor too, and the book read to him 🙂 using the “text to speech” function (thankfully he’s not that enamoured by it yet)

***sigh*** so now I’ve, in essence, lost both my favourite toys… my iPhone gets nabbed by Connor to play Talking Gina and Angry Birds as soon as he sees a gap… and now Bradley is reading books on my Kindle.

I supposed I should really get him one.  Now that’s one device I really have no qualms buying the kids! Something to encourage reading.