We went out for dinner tonight to John Dory and I ordered prawns.

They were yum but the kids were funny :). We don’t often go to fish restaurants and Connor couldn’t remember me ever eating prawns before.

So when they arrived at the table Connor looked at them very skeptically. After a while he piped up…

“My granny had prawns in her garden”

Lol I had to explain that these came from the sea and weren’t quite the same as the parktown prawns (which are the ugliest scariest looking insects ever). He wasn’t impressed and eventually asked to switch places with Bradley because he didn’t like the smell or the looks of the feelers.

Then when I’d finished he looked at the shells on the plate strangely and said “why didn’t you eat the prawns?”

LOL I explained again that I set the meat inside the shell and you can’t eat the head, eyes, shell and tail.
Bradley rolls his eyes and retorts “That’s not a shell that’s an exoskeleton”

20110817-072720.jpgAnd when we got home, I googled photos of both to show them the difference because it turned out that he wasn’t happy with any of my explanations, and he was still convinced I’d eaten Parktown prawns for dinner.