We’re on day 3 of our holiday in Ballito.

I still haven’t swum in the sea… and I’m normally in the sea before the kids.  It’s just too cold and far too windy.

I have started getting a tan though… not that I’ve tried but I’m convinced it mostly wind burn and not sun burn.  Not that that’s saying much though because I’m whiter than white and actually reflecting the sun 😉

I’m sure we’ve never had such awful weather on holiday.  Just hoping the weather reports for the next week are wrong, and the wind starts dying down a bit and we can actually enjoy our time on the beach.

Not that it’s stopping us of course… with 2 kids it’s either go to the beach  or go looney in the flat. So they’re swimming and jumping in the waves, and playing bat and ball, and fishing with nets (and I caught a crab and a fish in the rock pools with those little fishing nets yesterday… go me), and clambering over rocks… they’re having fun.

However, the wind is cold. And I didn’t pack for winter… so tomorrow I’m going on the hunt for more warm clothes… at the end of winter… it’s a fruitless exercise but if I don’t do it, we’re all going to get seriously ill.