WIWT = What I Wore Today

Cat’s been doing this meme and Gina has joined in a few times too, and I’ve been dying to do it, but I just never get around to taking photos of myself so I haven’t been able to… until today when Connor took a photo (with my DSLR) of me and my mom :).  So I can finally play along, although you can’t really see my whole outfit.

So this is what I wore today…

Tunic dress from last year at Big Blue.  Beads from Woolies.  Black leggings from Woolies.  Black flat suede boots from Woolies (2 years old).  Grey cardie for the morning when it was chilly from Woolies :))

It’s not my particularly favourite outfit, most because I think it makes me look huge… but anyhoo, I was really comfy 🙂

Oh wow, was just doing some googling to find some main site to link to and discovered that there’s a WIWT site run by a blogger that does this daily… not sure I’d be that disciplined!