There’s a car guard at the local Spar who knows me quite well now, and when I come out the shop with a trolley, he takes it from me and makes a beeline for my car without me having to direct him. Tonight, we struck up a bit of a conversation after I noticed him smiling at Connor and shaking his head.

As Connor got out the car when we first arrived, he did something he doesn’t normally do.  He waited for me to get my bag out the boot, and then just walked across the parking lot to the door.  He didn’t even look!! He knows he’s not allowed to walk across a road without me holding his hand. And there was a car coming out of a parking… thank God the car was going slowly and stopped.  I gave him a mouthful and he thankfully realised then what he did… and was sheepish for all of 30 seconds.  My oath it was close!!

Anyhoo, when we got back to the car, I had to shout speak to him again because he was standing in the middle of an empty bay instead of right next to the car, and he was trying to play fight with Bradley.  That’s when I noticed the car guard smiling at Connor.

So I said “He’s not listening. Did you see what he did earlier?”

He replied with words similar to this “Yes.  What you are doing cannot be paid for.  Being a mom is the most important thing to him, and he won’t be able to pay you.  But they will remember forever.”

That shut me up. And I wondered what the story was behind what he said.  I wonder where his mom is?