The first thing Bradley asked me when he saw me this evening, was whether I noticed anything about him.  It didn’t take me long to see the new gap in his mouth.. he’s been waiting for that tooth to come out.  And in fact, so have we, because he’s been pushing it completely backwards for the last few days… and that gives me the heebee-jeebees

The problem is, his tooth is missing… he thinks he swallowed it at lunchtime.

But the school secretary did the sweetest thing when he had to go to the office because his mouth was bleeding.  She typed up a note for the tooth mouse, explaining the situation.  If you can’t read the blurry photo (because Bradley was moving a LOT and the iPhone camera isn’t that fast) it says:

“Dear Tooth Mouse,

I am sorry but I swallowed my tooth so you can’t have it for your castle. I promise you can have my next tooth that falls out. Please could you consider still giving me money for my tooth.



And therein lies the reason for many questions tonight, from both boys.  She wrote the letter to the tooth mouse, and we’ve always talked about the tooth fairy.

Now I’ve been hoping that his belief in the tooth fairy would keep going for some time… and thankfully this hiccup hasn’t stopped the magic at all. At bathtime the conversation was about the castle that the fairies are building, and eventually Bradley said that he didn’t believe that… he knows that the teeth are used for stars. And then at bedtime, there was another conversation about the tooth mouse, and Bradley told us about his friend who got a note from the tooth mouse once with mouse prints on the paper!! And he wondered whether he’d get proof like that this time.

But then in his next breath, he said wasn’t sure what would happen this time when the fairy arrived and the note was addressed to the mouse instead.  I told him that the fairy would just smile, and still leave the money.

This tooth fairy had better freaking remember to deposit a few Rand under his pillow tonight, or else there’ll be trouble!  I just wish the tooth fairy had some glitter in the house so she could sprinkle some fairy dust onto the note.