Don’t you hate it when you order something on a menu, and you get something that’s only remotely like what was on the menu?  Drives me batty.  I wasn’t actually going to blog about this, because I’m doing something that you shouldn’t do as a blogger, and that is complain about something that happened in a cafe/restaurant/store without raising it with the restaurant management first… but bugger it, it’s been bugging for me for hours.

And no, I’m not expecting a reply from them… I’m just trying to prove a point 😉

I worked from home today, and Connor was at home sick too… and we popped into Design Quarter to do some photo printing at lunchtime, and while we were there we decided to go to the Food Bar for lunch.  Now I LOVE their coffees so any excuse to go there is a good one in my opinion… and they have a kiddies menu.

Well, apart from the cappuccino’s, I was completely disillusioned by the experience.

If you read the following on a menu what do you expect? “Baguette with roast chicken and avocado with mustard mayonnaise”

I did change it a little because I asked for rye bread instead.  But what I expected to get was a rye sandwich, with sliced roast chicken and sliced avo drizzled with a mustard mayonnaise.

What I got was a rye sandwich with chicken mayonnaise (made with LOADS of mayonnaise with a hint of mustard because I could see the mustard seeds) and topped with sliced avo.

I didn’t want a chicken mayo sarmie.  It was a damn expensive chicken mayo sarmie actually.

Oh well, it was actually nice, and I did eat it, but not as nice as I had imagined.

Now is this just me?

The way in which menus are written should seriously reflect the meal that you actually get in the end.  It just leaves you disappointed if it’s not the same.

Secondly, Connor’s meal, which I actually did tweet about too, but the waiter did fix.  I ordered him a hot dog (and yes, I’m THAT bad mother that feeds her kids viennas on occasion).  It arrived.  It was on a plain Woolies hot dog bun.  No butter.  A vienna straight from the fridge plonked on top, with a side bowl of tomato sauce.  Yuck! Anyhoo, waiter proceeds to warm the entire bun and vienna in the microwave to sort the issue out… but by then I was too annoyed to do anything because I was now running late… I needed to get to Bradley’s school.

Oh well, we did get to eat I suppose, and it was nice sitting outside… but still… I hardly ever get to go out with Connor alone and I wanted to have a quick nice meal.