I can’t concentrate on my editing tonight, and didn’t take a photo so can’t blog on my photoblog… so what’s a girl to do, other than find a few random thoughts to blog about here…

– I’m so looking forward to my Cape Town trip.  I’m going down to take photos of my aunt (who VERY excitingly has been given the ALL CLEAR by the oncologist this week).  I’m so thrilled!! And I’m going to visit my other aunt and uncle in Hermanus too.  And then, because my weekend isn’t full enough yet, and you know how much I like relaxing… I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to meet up with some Cape Town peeps… so the plan is to meet up with a whole pile of you on Sunday morning at 10am somewhere in Cape Town.  Please please please say you want to meet me 😉 and I’ll set up up a tweetup or something.

– I was proud of myself last night ‘cos I set up Mailchimp for a friend last night, and I designed a cool voucher for her using my images from her shoot… oh and by the way, my friend Mandy (of So Divine! fame) is having another pop-up shop next week in Bryanston, details are on her Facebook page.

– I’m chomping at the bit waiting to see the boudoir photos!!  Oooh and excitingly, I’ve booked a boudoir shoot today, so my plans for next year seem to be starting to take shape… with 3 boudoir shoots booked for the next few months already.

– I feel so guilty about leaving the kids alone with Lance for the whole weekend, so I’m taking Friday and Monday off to be with them.

– Cameratek will be seeing me on Friday… I still haven’t got my 50mm f1.4 fixed… I tweeted about that drama… it stopped working even though it’s only 14 months old 🙁

– I’ve been invited to attend the African Fashion shindig tomorrow night as a guest of Intel!! How cool!! So I’m doing a spot of shopping in the morning at So Divine’s shop to find a little funky something to wear… Mandy was wearing the most awesome LBD today from SLICK and I think I really need it!

– I turned down 2 shoots in the last week because I decided that type of photography wasn’t my strong suit 🙂 very proud of myself for saying no.

– Canon announced their new flagship camera, the 1D X … OMW I would LOVE it.  However, not sure where I’ll get the $6800 by March 2012 😉 You should see the video of the shutter speed! OMG!  Ooh and the ISO!! Wow!

– On our next date night, I’m definitely booking at La Cucina di Ciro in Parktown North, their food at this weekend’s wedding was sublime!

– I’ve been watching so many videos lately explaining why photogs need to increase their pricing… so I’m really tempted to hike mine again.

– I read a very eye opening blog post on one of my usual financial blogging haunts this morning about an estimate of 150000 jobs that will be lost in the financial sector in London in the next while.  Really sobering.  And yes, I not only have about 200 photography and lifestyle and mommy blogs on my blog reader, I have work related ones too 😉

Told ya it was random 😉

Anyhoo, hope you read to the end… PLEASE don’t forget to let me know if you want to meet me in Cape Town this weekend!!