So, thought I’d update you on the latest about my boudoir shoot after the umpteen beautiful comments that I got on my last blog post, as well as the umpteen tweets about the location etc.

I got a DM last night from the photog, saying that the location we were going to use, is no longer available.  So now there are only 2 options… rent a hotel room or use my bedroom.  At this point I’m going with option B, because:

  • I looked at a few hotels on the interweb today, and none of their rooms jumped out at me.  They were either too OTT or too small or downright boring… apart from the villa suites at the Fairlawns hotel… holy moly that looks nice!
  • The last time I did a boudoir shoot in a hotel we actually got the room for free, but I doubt I’ll get that right again, and although the room was great it wasn’t the most private of spaces, which I’m not too keen on.
  •  I don’t actually have time to waste looking for a room and getting a good price.
  • My bedroom needs to be redecorated anyway… Lance painted a few weeks ago and nothing matches anymore… so this is an excellent excuse.
So now, I’m going to be hunting for white linen (I want a sheet scene for part of my shoot), fluffy and textured cushions, chrystal bedside lamps, new mirror, bench kind of thingy and maybe a rug.  At least I have an idea about what I’m looking for, and I don’t think it’ll take a lot of time.  I was going to go hunting for a new headboard too… but after scanning the net I doubt I’ll find it in the next week.
As for my outfits, that shopping is going pretty well.  I popped into La Senza this afternoon, and bought a little hot pink body number with suspender straps 🙂 very similar to the one in the image 🙂  LOL this is going to be fun 🙂
I’ve actually been checking out some international photogs boudoir sites, and I’ve discovered that they seem to keep these outfits (without the knickers of course) for their clients to use… not a bad idea, considering this pink one is not something I’m likely to wear again in a hurry… although the black little body number from the Playboy range is something I’d definitely wear again.
So, in a nutshell, after my little shopping spree to find the rest of my bedroom stuff, I think I’m set for this 🙂 Exciting times!!