I did a list with Connor’s favourite things a few days ago, and here are Bradley’s current favourite things…

TV programme:  Star Wars
iPhone App:  Words with Friends… yip, that’s right… if you’re playing against me, you actually can’t be sure whether Bradley has made the last move or me.  As soon as he notices that it’s my turn, he makes a beeline for the app.
Meal:  homemade hamburgers
Fruit:  the only fruit he eats is watermelon and naartjies… and if we’re lucky an apple every now and then
Vegetable:  potatoes and carrots and broccoli
Breakfast:  chocolate pronutro with warm milk which he now makes himself
Drink:  vanilla flavoured milk
Drinking yogurt flavour:  strawberry
Sweets:  This week it’s an Aero chocolate

Chips/crisps:  plain salted Lays or salt and vinegar chips
Toy:  Lego and action men
Colour:  blue
Something that happened yesterday: He’s starting to read Afrikaans books, and now gets one Afrikaans book a week to read as homework.  It’s quite funny to hear him try and pronounce the words, and I’m sure that Lance now regrets the decision to not let them be bilingual at home.  Bradley is so keen though, but it’s not easy to relearn the way that letters sound in a word… especially when he’s only recently learnt how to spell comfortably in English.