On Sunday morning we had the most incredible breakfast.

Kathy booked a table at the Tokara Deli, which is a wine and olive farm high in the mountains behind Stellenbosch.  The weather was pretty grim, and even though it’s summer, they had a fire going… so very awesome!! Anyhoo, this place deserves a blog post on it’s own because of how amazing it was.


The next time we visit the Cape with the kids we’re DEFINITELY going to make a plan to get there for a meal.  They had the most incredible jungle gym outside which looked so organic.  It looked like a carefully designed pile of tree trunks with a slide emerging from the middle.  The kids that were there were having a ball on it.  Not only that, but there was a tree house made from what looked like a type of wicker! Very very cool!!

And as for the food… it was too delicious.  The cappucino’s were just perfect, the coffee was yummy.  I order the baked eggs with spinach and parmesan served with brown toast for breakfast.  It was so very yummy, and was ideal for the crappy weather because the pot that the egg came in stayed hot so I had hot food throughout!

Oh and… their kiddies menu looked amazing too!! Definitely going to have to make a plan!

Photos:  iPhone with iCamera and Diptic apps