I took the day off today, the main reason was so that I could go and watch Connor’s school concert.  It was so very sweet! And we are so very proud of him!! His little skit was Jack and Jill, and he sang and did all the moves beautifully!

I really liked how the whole concert was done actually.  It was so nice that the kids were all in small skits with about 6 of them in each… so they all got their moment in the spotlight.  And the rest of the time they sat on the stands and sang along to the music.

Bradley and his best friend Angelique managed to sneak in the beginning, and were watching from the entrance until their break was over and they had to go back to class.

If you’re wondering how I did the photos, I didn’t use a flash and my ISO was 1600… so had to adjust the colours quite a bit because the spotlights on their faces were red and purple.