I saw this on Cat’s blog, and decided to do it too.  It’s always a good idea to remember what the boys like at various points in time.

TV programme:  Star Wars
iPhone App:  Pet Zoo, he’s obsessed with checking to see whether he has to pick up rubbish in the animal enclosures and whether there’s enough money to buy more animals
Meal:  Spaghetti bolognese
Fruit:  grapes and strawberries.
Vegetable:  broccoli
Breakfast:  Squillos if I let him
Drink:  At the moment vanilla flavoured milk
Drinking yogurt flavour:  Granadilla
Sweets:  Anything with sugar
Chips/crisps:  Tomato fritos or those prawn chips from Woolies
Toy:  Anything that looks like the Star Wars weapons, and Lego men
Colour:  blue
Something that happened yesterday: Last night, he got hold of my phone to check on his zoo, and hid under the diningroom table to play. It was bath time and he wasn’t listening, so I shouted at him to get in the bath. I heard him run and assumed he had gone to the bathroom, but soon realised it was too quiet. So I went looking for him. Neither Lance nor I could find him anywhere. We checked in all the usual places, under the beds, in the cupboards, behind the curtains and in the other shower. Nothing. As I was walking back through my bedroom for the 3rd time, I noticed the laundry basket move ever so slightly. He was inside!! As quiet as a mouse! It’s amazing how long he’ll stay in a dark cramped space just to hide from everyone!  There was no way I could shout at him after that… I was too impressed.