I arrived home after Saturday’s photoshoot to be greeted by the kids all dressed up and ready to go to Madelein’s house for a halloween evening. I was seriously impressed with their attempts which were completely their own ideas because I forgot (bad mom) to buy extra dressup things like I’d promised, and because I wasn’t at home they didn’t have any help sourcing their outfits from their cupboards and toy boxes.

Connor went at the Ultimate Darth Vader.  Ultimate because he was carrying guns as well as swords.  And how clever is this outfit?  He wore a batman cape (from an old batman dressup outfit), skateboarding knee and elbow pads, 2 Star Wars swords and 2 water pistols 🙂

Bradley dressed up as a Were-warrior.  He wore an old knights outfit (which is actually too small for him, hence the need for me to go find new dressup stuff), and a werewolf mask with 2 swords!

And if you’re reading this from the US and thinking that my kids are deprived because they don’t have proper costumes… bear in mind that Halloween hasn’t really caught on in South Africa 😉

I LOVE that they used their imaginations for this!