If you’ve been following my photoblog you would know that I went to Cape Town over the weekend with my mom. It was actually the first time the 2 of us have travelled anywhere on our own… just the two of us… so it was very special… especially because she likes photos and wine as much as I do!

The trip was planned for me to take photos of my aunt, who is fighting breast cancer (photos are on my other blog).  And other than that the weekend was ALL about family visits and relaxing.

Here’s a rundown of my weekend…

1.  Kulula was again late.  Surprise.  Surprise.  Both ways.  Don’t understand why I book flights on that airline.  And in fact, after having to get another car at Avis after the first car’s front seat was jammed, and having to find my mom’s drivers license because I’d stupidly left mine at home;  we only got to Ian and Kathy’s house on Friday night at 11:30pm!  Oh and the photo on the blog post… that’s the view from their house…

2.  On Saturday morning, my mom and I drove to Hermanus (roadtrip photo on the left) to see my other aunt and uncle.  It was quite strange visiting Hermanus without my grandmother being there.  My aunt made the most incredible lunch… and I stupidly didn’t take a photo of the plate.  She made chicken breasts stuffed with bacon and sage and rolled in bacon.  The chicken was cut into discs and place on a bed of homegrown lettuce with homemade garlic mayonnaise (the family recipe I use at Christmas time) and homemade crostinis. It was delish!! Felt so very spoilt having such an amazing meal at lunchtime.


3. On Saturday afternoon, we drove to the mountains in the Stellenbosch region to the Da Capo Wine estate to take Kathy’s photos.  We met up with my mom’s family and had an extreme picnic in the freezing wet weather… and that’s quite a story so it deserves a blog post on it’s own 😉  But we did have some magnificent wine and cheeses so the weather was somewhat ignored.

4.  Then we crashed… had an early night to recover from the previous 2 days 🙂

5.  On Sunday morning, Kathy booked a table at Tokara for breakfast, and that also deserves it’s own blog post, because it was a gorgeous meal!

6.  Then we ambled back down the mountains and up another hill to stop at Uva Mira for a spot of wine tasting and wine buying (this will be in another blog post too), and a few more images before we went to visit my gran in the home in Somerset West.

7.  And then I took some scar photos (if you haven’t seen them yet, please go and look, my aunt is so very brave and just incredible), before heading back home.

The only thing I didn’t get to do, was have a tweetup 🙁 but that was my own stupid fault because I didn’t have my drivers license on me (and we got stopped in a roadblock on the first evening and I didn’t feel like taking a chance).

I did have LOADS of wine, and LOADS of good food, and LOADS of awesome family time 🙂 it was perfect.