A few weeks ago, I took photos at a wedding that was held at La Cucina da Ciros in Parkhurst, and I was most impressed with the food.  After discussing the experience with Madelein and Pierre one evening, we decided to make a booking for dinner.

Last night we had an grown up dinner with friends as a result 🙂

It was most amazing! We’re definitely going to go back.

This is what I ate…

Starters:  Parma ham with gorgonzola with shavings of watermelon…. totally yum and completely huge portion!!

Main:  Fillet steak with belgian chocolate sauce served with roast potatoes and roast veg.  Again, totally yum.  In fact I probably should have chosen something slightly less rich for a main course, but I just could not resist a chocolate sauce with steak… and it was so very worthwhile.

Dessert:  Thankfully Lance and I shared this one.  We ordered the vanilla souffle with chocolate and orange sauce. It went so very well with the awesome cappuccino that we ordered at the same time.

I literally rolled out of there!!

It was such an amazing evening, with loads of laughter and good conversation and fabulous food.