I discovered that someone I know  is doing the most incredible thing.  OK, maybe it’s not that incredible, but normally people that do this are stay-at-home moms… I think… or I’ve just assumed that they would be, to have the time to do it properly.

She has not only got a very successful professional career, and has 3 children of her own, but she’s fostering a 3 year old child… and for the last year she’s been providing emergency foster care too!! She takes in kids under the age of 1 in the bridging period between homes or until they’re placed in foster care or children’s homes – and it’s between 1 month to 6 month periods.

Isn’t that’s just awesome! I really take my hat off to her.  I would get so attached to the little babies I’m not sure I’d be able to see them go.  But she said that she doesn’t.  She gives them loads of loves and cuddles while she has them, but she knows that she’s providing them the best possible care when they need it most.  To her it’s all about giving… and not about receiving anything, and she said that if she was getting anything in return, then she would feel sad.

They’ve looked after quite a variety of kids too with very different stories… some have been abandoned… the one little 1 year old boy was found outside a shop with a bag containing all his stuff.  And others have been taken away from their families.  The baby she’s looking after now was dropped off at Child Welfare by his/her mom when he/she was 5 days old.

We need more families like that in this world.