All the Girlguides bloggers were invited to the iStore last night for a shindig with Core Group.

Was so very awesome and entailed lots of chocolatey goodness and champagne. In between loads of chats and giggles we got our faces mapped by Dermalogica and we got to know the Core PR peeps a bit better.

Oh and then there was a fun handstand competition on the lawns outside… Sans cameras of course because most of the girls were wearing skirts and dresses. Was quite impressive actually 🙂

Anyhoo, the Dermalogica thing was good and I think I’m going to try out the range… now that the shock of having my face mapping has waned. Hearing about “deep lines” and “dehydration” is not pleasant and brought home the fact that I’m not getting younger 🙁

Ooh and we got to take home some goodies too. The boys were thrilled with their Pokemon playing cards and Mario bros stickers. And I really like my docking station for my iPhone and iPod

It was an awesome evening 🙂