One of the many things I did yesterday, was pop in at the Tranquil Body Treats Christmas launch at Lifestyle Garden Centre.  I just love her stuff.  My favourite is the chocolate range of bath things, especially the bath milkshake!!

Yesterday however, I stocked up on a few kiddies things.  I love that she doesn’t use Sodium Laurel Sulphate in her products, so I can safely buy the bubblegum flavoured bubblebath for Bradley.  It’s the only bubblebath that he can use.  And I see they now have a sulphur free shampoo for kids that I need to try on him too.

I also bought a hand mousse.  I’ve been really struggling with dry hands, and not a word of a lie… I used it a few times yesterday afternoon and again this morning, and I swear my hands are already softer!

So, if you get Xmas gifts from me… expect a few items from the range 😉