Being a working mom is not easy.  Seriously, it’s not.  You have to juggle time, and find ways of leaving work at odd times to just be there for your kids.

That’s what happened this morning to me.

If you have chatted to me offline recently you would know that there’s a few changes pending at work.  And I’ve been waiting for a meeting with someone that was hopefully going to resolve part of the obstacle.  That meeting was set for this morning.

However, Connor’s Playball demo was scheduled for a hour before my big meeting was supposed to start and it takes at least 40 minutes to get from the school to Sandton, and I was determined to be there too.  You may think that this is trivial, but it’s the only extra mural he does, and this demo is the only time I could see what he’s been doing.

So, I tried to do both 🙂

Thankfully the Playball started in time, and I watched 20 minutes of his thing… and then had to leave just before the medal ceremony… and then I zooted to Sandton to get to my meeting… which ended up being postponed to tomorrow!!

Connor, of course, was very sad to see me go 🙁  He really loved that I was there, and kept looking for me and smiling and then ran up to me a few times to give me a hug 🙂

I’m glad I went, but sad that I had to go before the medal ceremony.  I really don’t feel as guilty as I would have done if I’d not gone at all.

And shame, the one little girl, looked around the room after a few minutes, and said “But my mommy’s not here to watch me”… the teacher tried to save the day by saying that all the other mommies will be watching her instead.  I’m sure that didn’t make her feel better though.