So, this blog post is a little belated, and if you follow me on Twitter and Facebook and my other photography blog you would know that I’ve ticked off another item on my bucket list… to take photos of the city from a helicopter.

It was luck more than anything else… I was planning doing an elephant ride for this month, but Suren phoned me a few weeks ago telling me that he’d organised a surprise helicopter ride on his wedding day, and that because the aim was to fly somewhere to do the creative shoot, I was going to go with them. It was a surprise for the bride, and because they both follow me on Twitter and Facebook I couldn’t exactly blog about it 😉

Of course I said yes 🙂 so the helicopter picked us up (much to the surprise of the bride), and we flew to a mountain top in the Magaliesburg (just on the other side of Harties).  I took photos of the couple for 20 minutes before it was time to zoot off again… this time to Sandton.  And that’s when I got to quickly take some city shots… I wasn’t able to ask the pilots to circle or anything because we running late for the bride’s next hair appointment.

You’re probably wondering if I enjoyed it… I loved it!! I also loved when the pilots decided to boast a little and swoop down over Gerotek where we spotted a few people on the skid pans. I did get a little queasy by the end… but that’s because it was so very hot on Saturday.  But all in all it was an amazing experience,and is most worthwhile doing.

I have to add what happened when we landed. The only place close to Sandton that allows helicopters, is Inanda club, and we duly landed next to the polo fields.
Nedbank was having their year end function at Inanda that day, so the place was jam packed. So our driver from the hotel pulls up to the helicopter in a big black Merc with tinted windows and off we go.
As we pass the crowds it was so funny seeing everyone trying to see through the windows to see who these celebs were that arrived in such style. LOL!