I had a rough night last night. Not drinking rough though… I edited the Branson images until 2am to get them ready for delivery (they had to be delivered before 8am and my MacBook was acting up and chugging)

So today after I got home from an early morning shoot, Lance insisted that I nap… While he went to work. He just didn’t get that I cannot do that!

Even though I didn’t drink last night I feel like I’ve got a hangover. I really feel quite rough.
So I ended up napping for an hour before taking the kids for a Wimpy lunch (where I’m typing this)

Sitting here reminded me of how I could express that guilty feeling. You know that advert on TV where the mom has passed out and the little boy makes his sister breakfast? That advert kills me every time I see it, and that feeling I get when I watch that advert is the same feeling I get when I take a nap during the day and I’m alone at home with the kids.