Not sure what the point of this blog post is going to be, just needed to jot a few things down about Christmas and the kids this year.

Firstly, let me explain the title… that my friends, is my favourite part of this Michael Buble song 🙂  .  I bought the album and the first time the kids heard it, Connor piped us “Mommy, he’s being really rude about Father Christmas”… now he shouts that part really loudly every time we hear the song 🙂

There’s nothing like music to get you into the Christmas mood… so this year I’m making a concerted effort to play Christmas music as much as possible.  I’ve even got my iPhone blaring music in the kitchen while I’m cooking (which reminds me, if you haven’t bought me a gift yet, a iPod/iPhone music system for my kitchen would be appreciated).  And I dance to the music and for the last 2 nights, the kids have come to join me, and we spend an hour in the kitchen cooking and dancing and singing 🙂 it’s a little chaotic!

It’s all about making memories.

As far as gifts is concerned, I’m a little concerned. I haven’t done much shopping, and now all my ideas I had seem to be unavailable.  I’m a little stressed about it, considering the 7 shoots I have to edit as well in the evenings.

And then Bradley’s list is also concerning. He’s asked for a drum set or an electric guitar.  Seriously?! I chatted to him about this in the car the other day, because I think it’s a bad idea and I know Father Christmas won’t give gifts that are a bad idea.  Not because of the noise, but that kind of thing is fine if you’re learning to play the instrument, KWIM?  He’s not phased though, because apparently there’s some TV program on Disney XD that teaches him how to play the chords on an electric guitar.

I think I’m going to have to get hold of my cousin in Canada to find out the best way to start drumming.  My mom seems to remember that he learnt on an african drum.  I like that idea a little more… and get him drumming lessons for next year. Or he can go to guitar lessons at school… and then maybe revisit this idea for his birthday.

And it’s not like he’s got staying power when it comes to extra murals anyway… he didn’t stick to horse riding or karate for very long.

Oh well… we’ll just have to see what the big fat man with the long white beard pitches up with…