OK, I’m a little behind with my bucket list project 🙂 but today I accomplished another thing on the list…

I jumped off a building.

And I managed to get almost my entire family to come along with me, and we made it a bonding exercise! LOL!

We went to the Orlando Towers in Soweto and my mom, Elaine and myself did the power swing and Bryan did the bungee jump… while Lance and my dad watched the kids and took photos from the ground.

I have a few things about today that I just have to put down… and this blog is the best place I can think of doing that… considering this bucket list item was actually all about fear and the unknown and trust… let me talk about just that…

– Elaine is generally scared of heights… and I’m so pleased she did it in the end 🙂 And she looked a lot braver than I felt I looked just before she jumped!

– It’s freaking high up…. 100m into the air.

– The only thing that really worried me up there, were the cables.  In the photo of me just getting off the ledge, you can see the 3 cables that connect to the towers… I was convinced I would swing into them!!

– I would have prefered to go first just so I didn’t have to wait so long, but I love that my mom did… and she seemed to thoroughly enjoy it 🙂

– It’s a pity I wasn’t able to take a camera up there.  The view was incredible.  Absolutely amazing!!

– I think one of the reasons I was so frightened, no, I know, was trust.  I wasn’t sure that I could trust the cable, even though they told you so many times about the checks etc… and I’d watched my mom and sister do it… it was scary to trust it.

– That free fall of 40m before the cable took the strain and swung me out… took my breath away completely. I only screamed when I started relaxing when the swing started.

-The R100 extra charged for the photos was well well worth the money.  I’m so glad I have close-up proof of how inelegant I look jumping off something!! 🙂

– While I was waiting for the swing to come up again, I sat down, and I must’ve looked scared shitless, because the one dude came and sat next to me and asked me what I was thinking.  I didn’t tell him.  I was actually visualising myself swinging… yip… I do that.  I get through things by visualising them.  In fact, I was at that moment, visualising getting over the railing and swinging… not from the platform. In my mind I’d done it… and that’s why I didn’t chicken out in the end.

– It felt really surreal up there.  I kept looking ar0und to drink it all in… and willing myself to remember all the details.  Without a camera on me, I felt naked and had just my memory to remember.

– I’m glad the boys were there to see me do it.  Bradley very proudly told Ouma on the phone this evening that I jumped off a building in Soweto. She must’ve had a heart attack… more because we were in Soweto though 😉 and I can’t think that she believed the rest!! LOL!

I’ve put all the images onto my photo blog, so hop on over there to see…

The only thing I regret about the day, was that the restaurants in Vilakazi street were all closed because of the public holiday… I would have liked to have lived out the rest of the planned day, and taken my family around Soweto… I just loved that part of the city 🙂 Instead we went to my parent’s house for pizza and a swim.

It was an amazing day, and one that we’ll never forget.