So, you know by now that I’m obsessed about Pinterest right?

Well, it seems like it’s use is slowly changing.

When it started, people only pinned images that inspired them on their pinboards.  And that’s how I’ve been using it.

And in fact, if you pinned your own work, it was shunned and you got a lot of people unfollowing you!!

Well, now, in the last few months, I’ve noticed a slight shift.  Photographers and event people and brands have discovered how powerful the network is.  So many US photographers have blogged and tweeted recently about how they’ve been referred via Pinterest and are now getting quite a lot of clients that way.

There have been so many articles on tech and photography and marketing blogs that I’ve read recently about it’s power, and how brands should really get on the site, and be able to track how their products and images are shared.  Especially if your market is a visual market.

And all of a sudden, everyone has started boards showcasing their own work (and not just the stuff that inspires them from other people).  Not every shoot thankfully in the case of photographers, but a select number of absolute favourites.

I’m so very tempted to do the same, yet I’m feeling that I’m going against the network’s designed intentions.

As someone that’s been blogging for so many years, I can see why people are changing the way it’s being used.  Apart from the Facebook “like” button and the G+ buttons on your blog which are invaluable, you’re not getting that much feedback anymore.  Commenting on blogs has virtually stopped.  The connection with your readers (who are definitely still there) is happening on other networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google +… so this is one way of seeing what is really liked.  Because you’re connecting with your friends and your network and not the bloggers network, it seems that people are commenting on Pinterest rather… and spreading individual images rather than a whole blog post’s worth of images… and that’s more digestible for the internet generations who have very short attention spans.

Not sure… not sure… damn it’s tempting.  What do you think?

Anyway, if you’re there, hook up with me, I’d love to see your boards… I’m Jenty there too 😉