I popped to Sandton this morning to hand a photobook in for printing, and while I was there, I popped to the bank so that I had money for lunch.

Bad move, because on the way back to the carpark in Mandela Square I noticed Browns. ย Now that’s my favourite jewellery store!! Anyhoo, you know on my bucket list, one of the items is the replacement of my engagement ring?

Well, now I’ve fallen in love with a ring… in this case it’s a baguette cut tanzanite set in white gold… very plain and very simple… and oh my it looked amazing on me, and it was JUST the right size. ย Yes, I actually walked into the shop… I actually went in to ask what metal it was set in, and she convinced me to try it on. ย Not sure she should have done that.. it’s not good for my head.

rings at BrownsAnyhoo, then I noticed a new range of more organic shaped yellow gold rings… LOVE!!

And then I noticed their range of 14 ct gold rings with coloured semi-precious stones… I tried the red garnet one on.

The thing is, that all 3 options were not as expensive as I thought they should be… I’m so tempted… not that we have the money at all!! Not after my flash unit completely stalled on me this evening!!

But I can dream right? ๐Ÿ™‚