I was sitting here wondering what I could blog about, and went to my reader to catch up a bit, and read Tertia’s blog post about her boobs.

Holy crap! Glad I’m not her… even though I’m jealous of her fake boobs, the thought of having them removed and done again is just daunting!

So, guess what this is about… not boobs… but an explanation of just how bad my month has been…

You know about the camera being stolen.  You don’t know about the other thing that I’m not going to blog about, but it sent me into a complete spin.  The other things that happened that you don’t know about yet are…

1.  No news on the job front.  Still arbing around between roles.  I’m busy though, but still bossless and roleless.  And there also doesn’t seem to be an end in sight to this one unless I look for another job or so it seems.

2.  Discover that Outsurance has been overcharging me for the last few years on homeowners insurance… so now I’m in that endless loop.  Oi vey!

3.  On Friday I drive to the Drakensberg.  Drive past doofus mowing the grass on the side of the highway, and a stone flies up and cracks the windscreen.

4.  Last week Monday, Lance notices that my garage door is open, and presses the remote… without checking my boot. Turns out it was open..  naturally… considering the month I’ve had.  So my beautiful car is now sporting a new metal stripe on it’s bum!

5.  Noticed that my favourite work shoes are well and truly buggered this morning.  So had to chuck them.  Guess I’m going shopping for sandals… fab time too considering winter clothes are coming into the shops!

6.  Didn’t have time for my Project 40 🙁

7.  Someone stole my earphones from my desk drawers at work while I was away this weekend.  So now I’m even more grumpy.

Enough already!! I’ve had enough!! I cannot afford more of this month!

Still glad I’m not Tertia though…