We had a rat staying with us this weekend. OK, he was a stuffed toy… but still.
Remy, the fluffy toy rat from Ratatouille, is Bradley’s class mascot, and every weekend he gets to stay with someone in the class. He arrives with a small A5 book that’s called “The Adventures of Remy” and the host child has to write about everything that Remy does while he’s a guest in the house.

And this weekend was Bradley’s turn.

Such an awesome idea!! I read through some of the adventures that Remy has been on in the last few weeks, and the kids have really gone to so much trouble with him.

Bradley had a ball with it, and every few hours I found him crouched over the book, updating Remy’s story. He wrote about 4 pages from this weekend… everything from wrestling with Connor for Remy (Connor wanted to sleep with Remy)… to going to the Spur with friends (Madelein and her kids)… to having Josh (@Shazphoto) over to play for a few hours today.

I loved it… it was an awesome journaling experience for Bradley… hmmm… wonder whether I should get him blogging.