I’m completely devastated 🙁

My Canon 5D MKII and the 50mm f1.4 got stolen from my camera bag this evening at the shops.

I went to my usual haunt, Honeydew Village shopping centre in the West Rand (Johannesburg), to buy dog food and then do a food shop at Woolies.  I got out of the car with the kids, went to the boot to get out my wallet from my camera bag, locked it as I’m shouting at them to get across the road.  I was in the pet food shop for literally 5 minutes!! When I walked back to the car with the dog food, I unlocked the car… or so I thought.

As the car guard put the heavy dog food bag in my car I saw that the kids school bags had been moved and my camera bag was open.  Then I noticed that the back seat was pulled down.

Hmm strange.

I peered into my camera bag (which doesn’t look like a camera bag it looks like a handbag), I saw it was empty.

I asked the car guards if they saw anything… nothing!! Actually, I’m not that surprised.  I parked at the end of the car. I reckon I was watched and they opened the car from the passenger door which the guard wouldn’t have seen cos he was closer to the building.

Thank God I only carried one lens today, and it was the small one.  Also, there wasn’t even a CF card in it.

I’m convinced I locked the car, in fact I normally press that remote locking button a few times to make sure now because of the stories of the remote jamming gangs… clearly that’s not good enough!!

So now it’s a schlepp and a half!!  Got to get to the police station tomorrow… then complete my claim with Outsurance.

I need a new body before next weekend, I can do my next portrait shoot with the 50D, but I have a HUGE batmitzvah next weekend that I need the big body for… and I have a BIG wedding coming up in 3 weeks time too!!

So, if you come across the following:

Canon 5DMKII serial number 2531400106

Canon  EF 50mm f.14 serial number 66313148

… they’re mine!!

And yes, I took a photo of my empty bag with my phone… as one does…

You’re probably thinking… stupid woman shouldn’t have left the camera in the car.  Probably, but my new Jo Totes camera bag is really really not as comfortable to wear as a handbag as my Kelly Moore one was, so I tend to leave it in the car now.