I’ve had the most amazing weekend, and I considered putting all the things we did in one blog post, but then decided that each experience had it’s own story.

Yesterday morning, Lance and I took the boys to the Honeydew Mazes.  Not for a party. Just because.  And I didn’t even take my camera, only my iPhone!

We really don’t do enough things like that as a family.

It was awesome! The Honeydew Mazes is in Honeydew (clearly), and is a maze made out of a maize field 🙂 Every year the design of the maze changes, which is quite cool, and that means we will be going back.

I think we chose an awesome time of the year to go too, because the maize plants were above adult head height, so you couldn’t see where the pathways were going.  The maze takes approx 90 minutes to complete, and to make it more fun, you have a sheet of paper that you have to complete in the maze.  You have to find stations randomly placed in the maze, and answer questions and figure out rock types etc.

After 90 minutes we’d actually had enough and Connor was beginning to whine, so it’s spot on in it’s planning!

I think we may have a spot for Connor’s birthday party next year… I think it’s an awesome idea… and we wouldn’t even see the kids for most of the party!! LOL!