I’ve been taking the dogs to the small park close to our house again.  It’s a lead free park, so the huskies have a ball… and I don’t get a full body workout being dragged around by them.

I stopped going there for a few months because the bottom gate was always open… never a good thing with my dogs around… but recently the gate has been permanently locked.

Last night, Connor also decided to take his scooter… it was SUCH a waste of time… he gave up on the bumpy paths within 5 minutes and I ended up having to carry the darn thing around over my shoulder!  Anyway, he tried, he won’t want to do it again… sometimes the easiest way to win is just to let him have his own way… so that he learns the hard way.

The other thing that’s changed in the last few months, is the number of huskies that now frequent the park.  There are 2 packs of sledding teams that are there in the evenings.  Those owners are jacked up compared to me, and they come armed with a big bucket full of water so that the dogs can stay longer.  I should really go and find a nice bucket with a lid this weekend.

Kimo and Kitara are not too sure about these packs of dogs yet.  As huskies do, they don’t come up to my dogs on their own… they come en masse, and Kimo gets a little edgy and aggressive if they get too close to me.  I’ve found that if I walk away, he’ll relax and play with them.  Kitara on the other hand becomes very timid and submissive, and the first time we encountered them she wouldn’t get off the ground… she just lay there cowering.  Thankfully now she’s a little braver and will play and run with them a little.  She much prefers playing with the french poodles that are also regulars at the park.

Anyway, looks like our days at the park are numbered again.  I chatted to the lady that cleans the park yesterday… and she informed me that they’re going to have to open the gates again 🙁 apparently some silly reasoning by the security company that patrols the area.

Looks like I’m going to be dragged around the neighbourhood again… it’s not that bad an idea though because I would get more exercise! LOL!