Lory Park Zoo in Midrand is a privately owned zoo and owl sanctuary, and Bradley wanted to visit it today, so we went there.  He’d been to the zoo on a school outing and loved the experience… I think he liked the talk about animals more, because he was a little disappointed not to have the same experience today.

I relented, and agreed to go there instead of the Johannesburg Zoo.  I’d never been there before, and had no reason not to take them there… so we went to have a new experience.  And of course, for some reason I’d only taken my 50mm lens, so I couldn’t zoom at all.

Connor loved that he could see all the animals because they were all so close.  We also got there at feeding time, so it was ideal to watch the big cats being fed

To give the cats something to do, they put their food in cardboard boxes, which the cats then have to find and open to get the meat.

While I’m glad I can say I’ve been, I can honestly say that I won’t be taking the kids there again.

Although I get that they are trying to do something about conservation, and that they are helping with owls in the area, I feel there’s not enough space.  I do understand that they entertain the big animals by feeding them the way they do, but again, the space is an issue for me.  I also get that the kids love it because the animals are close.

I just cannot, however, get past the size of the enclosures.  I’m no expert in these matters, but I do feel that the cages were way too small for the animals.  And not just for the cats… the birds can barely fly in their cages.  I just could not get past that.  I really really didn’t enjoy the time there.

Because of the size of the park, it’s also not a day’s outing in Johannesburg, if you’re lucky you’ll spend an hour walking around the place… and then 30 minutes in a queue at the tuck shop waiting to buy a drink.  And for that, I think it’s VERY expensive… the entrance fee per person is higher than that of the Joburg Zoo… which is crazy!!

If you’re going to say… but you can pet a baby cat (today there were ocelots and leopard cubs)… well you can’t if you’re there as a single parent, because only people over the age of 18 can pet them, and it costs an extra R50 per person too!  So that was a waste too, because the kids wanted to do that.

Anyway, I can say that I’ve been there… now to find something better to do on Wednesday!