I’m sitting at my desk at work, wondering how Bradley did at school today.

He had to present his project today.  The project theme was “Be a teacher” and he had to teach the class how to make something or how to do something.

Our first idea was to teach the class how to make a paper fighter jet, and to talk about the fastest fighter jet in the world.  Great idea!! Except apparently it was too easy… because by Tuesday 4 kids in his class had taught them how to make various forms of paper aeroplanes.

Then he had a brain wave… he wanted to do origami.  Fab idea, except I’ve never done that!! LOL!  Not only that, he wanted to make an origami dinosaur

Anyhoo, Google to the rescue.  I discovered that dinosaurs are not easy to make.  I also found instructions on how to make a dragon head… too cute!!

so that became his project.  And over the last few days he’s made about 15 of them, and by yesterday morning he was able to do it without the instructions, and last night he taught me how to make it.

I really hope it went well today, and he remembered to explain every step… it’s not that easy to make… and remembered to show them the results of every step before carrying on.

It was a fun project to do with him