In the space of 10 minutes this evening Connor made me laugh and smile and then want to go shopping…

He was paging through a magazine with Bradley with a purple pen… drawing rings around cars.
Apparently they were all the cars he wants to buy when he grows up… and he’ll apparently carry on tomorrow. He’s marked every single car!!\

So Lance says… “He’ll have to be a millionaire to get them all”

And Connor replies… “I want to be a billionaire… no… a infinity-aire…”

LOL!!  I think that’s about right.

Then we were watching the Home channel on DSTV, and he says very seriously, while looking at me “Mom, we need to make the house look prettier”

Oh really?  I think he’s right, but anyhoo, I ask “How would you make it prettier?”

And he replies “You need to have flowers” with a sweep of his hand… “over there…. and there… and on top of that… and that… and I’ll tell you the rest in the morning”

I’ll be waiting with baited breath.  He’s right of course, our house needs a LOT of TLC right now…