… yes you read that heading right…

We’ve had loads of bats in the garden this summer, and tonight we had one in the kitchen.

Isn’t there a song… There’s a bat in the kitchen what am I gonna do… ?

LOL maybe not.

But, as I’m now an expert in these matters, I can tell you how to get one out of your kitchen… without harming it.

But first, a little bit of what happened.  I was making supper for the kids and noticed a bit of a shadow going over me, but I actually thought it was a big moth, until Lance walked in and noticed the bat circling the room.

Not sure about sizes and types of bats, but this was one was about 20cm wide with it’s wings extended and it was black.

We opened the kitchen door in the hope that it would find it’s way out, but it eventually just settled somewhere and we couldn’t find it.  We closed the  inside kitchen door while we ate just in case it decided to move to the lounge area.  And it was so funny, because at some stage Kimo was whining at the door because it’s NEVER closed, and Connor went to the door to open it for him to get to his water, and they both stood there peeping into the kitchen through this little slit… wish I’d had my camera on me.  It was too cute!

Anyway, long story short… when we took our plates to the kitchen, the bat was just circling and wasn’t settling.  I tried to use the kitchen cloths to kind of shoo it out, but it just circled lower and lower.  Poor thing must’ve been so tired by then.  And Kitara had discovered it by then and was sitting in the middle of the kitchen watching it fly above her head and closer and closer to her mouth (she’s the bird catcher).  I tried opening the blinds and the windows, because it had been flying in that area, but it wasn’t interested once the blinds were up (I think it was flying to the shiny stainless steel blinds).

Then I realised what it was doing.  I told the kids to find lots of torches, and the big backup battery light that we have.  We stood outside the kitchen door in the garden, and put the torches and lights on the ground shining towards the open door.  Lance then turned off the kitchen lights.

And viola… it just followed the light.

And life in our house went back to normal… and the kids have something to tell the class tomorrow 😉

I can never say my life is dull 🙂