I know, I know, you’ve seen photos from Higher Ground on my blogs before… this place is really becoming one of my favourite places to go.

We went to Higher Ground in the grounds of St Stithians for lunch today to celebrate Lance’s birthday… and my parents, and Madelein and Pierre joined us.  It was kind of an impromptu arrangement, and was just perfect!  It was fabulous to sit outside and have the kids running around on the field while we ate and chatted and drank wine.  You know it’s a great place, when they actually drive to get ice-cream to make the milkshake that one of the kids wanted… and then served ice cream and chocolate sauce for the kids even though it wasn’t on the menu!!

As for the food… yum!! The kids plowed through their enormous burgers, and I LOVED the Knysna fillet with blue cheese sauce serves with a sweet potato salad.  Lance and I shared a creme brulee for our dessert… that was the only disappointing part… we felt the caramel was too thick and the custard too runny. But it tasted awesome.

One of the reasons I like it so much is the field that the kids play on.  It reminds me so much of when I was a child and went to watch my dad play cricket, and just playing and running on open fields… it’s not something that my kids do very often.

We decided today that we need to do this more often as a family… there are plenty of kid friendly Sunday lunch spots in Johannesburg… we just need to get there… and next time get more of the family to come with us!!