It’s been a rough week this week, a really rough one. If you’ve been following my photoblog you would understand (the posts are no longer there so don’t even bother trying to find them)

Although I’ve been busy today and had coffee with Madelein this morning, and lunch at my parent’s house, I’ve felt a little fragile.

I need to regroup.

And I nearly, nearly cancelled on a group of twitter friends this evening, but decided at the last minute to just go and have a drink with them… and I’m so glad I did.  It was a small tweetup organised for a bunch of West Rand tweeters, and we met at JB Corner at Clearwater this evening for a few drinks.

It ended up being me, Leigh-Ann, Desiree, Rubyletters, Louisa, and Stacey… a really small group considering… but it was awesome to chat with them for a bit

It was a bit of down time. It was also just what I needed, and I’m not sure they realise that what they said meant so much to me.  Amongst other thing… chatting to Rubyletters and Leigh-Ann about their health issues, and then Leigh-Ann about how she’s changed her business around, I’m realising more and more that I have to get back to basics.

This week has taught me that I’ve got to stop worrying about growing my photography business, and just concentrate on making art again.  Like I used to.

Their health issues were more noticeable than mine, but you may not realise this, but my hair is falling out again.  So, I’m in the need for some endo treatment again… and some balance.

Then when I got home, I checked Facebook, and I saw this image from Go{4}Pro… another sign…

I cannot worry about what happened this week… I’m going to try not allow myself to.

I also need to create again… desperately…