Such drama this morning!

As I left for work, I saw that the side gate was open, so I phoned Lance to warn him about the gate.  And I made sure that the driveway gate was closed.  However, our gate has a tendancy to reopen itself…. and guess what it did this morning…

When Lance got home from taking the boys to school, he phoned me to tell me that the gates were both wide open and that the dogs were missing.  By this stage I was quite far on my journey to work! So I turned around and went home to help him hunt for them.

He went to the veld strip a few blocks away a few times, thinking that the dogs would make a beeline for the veld considering that’s their favourite part of their walk… and he was right.  Eventually he spotted them, and with the help of a lady that stopped in her car, he managed to get them into his car and bring them home.

Such a relief!!

After he first told me where he found them, I thought they were clever and followed their walking route.  But after chatting to him tonight about where exactly he found them, I doubt it… I think they were very lost.

I cannot tell you how lucky we are.  Huskies are known to be escape artists and run.  If both of them get out the gate they just egg each other on and they would just run for the hills.  Because they’re such good escape artists, it’s useless putting collars on them, because within a few hours they’ve wrestled their way out of it.   Thankfully they are chipped.  So if they’d been picked up, only a vet would be able to find us.

We’re also lucky that Lance went home before he went to work…

Oi, I’m just glad to have my dogs back 🙂

And yes, I take full responsibility for it being my fault 🙁