Well, what an awesome day! The weather was looking a little murky this morning, so we decided to drive to Oribi Gorge, which is about a 25 minute trip from Port Shepstone.  It was WELL worth it! I can’t actually understand why we’ve never done that trip before.

It was just so very beautiful!  We made our way to the Oribi Gorge Hotel, where we got entrance tickets which allowed us to drive around to the viewpoints and go on the suspension bridge.  And it seriously wasn’t expensive, it cost less that R50 for the 4 of us.

There is a company that runs adventure stuff from the gorge too, and although we watched a few people swinging from the highest gorge swing in the world, we didn’t do it.  I nearly nearly did… but the memory of the Orlando Tower swing is still fresh in my mind, and I know how shattered I was the next day.  This would have been awesome though, I’m definitely going to make a trip there next time we come down and do the jump.

If you look really carefully, you’ll a tiny speck of a man busy swinging.  The waterfall has a 170m drop and according to the sign, the swing has a 100m freefall! Hectic, but oh so beautiful!

Then we walked to the suspension bridge… it was so gorgeous… and we had the perfect view of the swing again from there and watched a little girl of perhaps 7 years old jumping on her own! Quite incredible! She looked like a rag doll being thrown about.

After all that, we were hungry and went for a stunning lunch at the hotel’s cafe… and the kids played in the play area, where there was a foofie slide with a seat! Very cool!!