I still haven’t organised my birthday, and it’s now 2 months away!!

I actually need help though.  I want a gathering.  It needs to be a lunch function because of the kids and it’ll be in the middle of winter.  So it’ll be an afternoon really.  So here’s the dilemma… where to have it…

1.  At home with a spit or some catering (I refuse to cook for it)

2.  At Higher Ground… I love that place and there’s plenty of space for the kids to run around.

3.  At Casalinga… same as above with loads of space, except this is R300+ per person for food… and I can’t afford that so everyone will have to pay for their own food, and I think it’s a cheek to expect people to fork out that much to be honest.

4. ?

? is where you come in… please give me ideas.  Maybe a picnic?

Aaargh I actually don’t have the time for this either, maybe I should just skip it entirely.