Well, after the most beautiful sunrise….

Sunrise over Shelly Beach

We had SUCH a windy day today, so we had to can the swimming beach idea because we were getting stung by the flying wind.  Instead we spent the day walking and playing on the beach close to the apartment and we took the kids to the mall to buy a new Xbox game…

This is one of the things we’ve done differently this time.  Instead of renting a DSTV card (our PVR card doesn’t work in these machines), we brought the Xbox with us and some DVD’s and games…. and we’re restricted to SABC3 (it’s the only channel this TV can pick up).  It must be killing Lance to miss out on all the sport, but other than that we’re not really missing the TV.  And actually, while I’m blogging tonight, I’m watching “The Bang Bang Club” which I’ve always wanted to see, and it’s actually on SABC3!

Other than the odd program, it’s not that good though.  The TV was on a few days ago when Michael Mol’s doctor program was on… I watched that in disbelief!  OMW he sounds so insincere. He’s presenting like he presented Top Billing…  he doesn’t sound authentic at all, and it sounds like he’s just reading a script written for him, instead of by him.

And this is how the day ended again… with calm seas… go figure