Lance worked yesterday, so it was just me and the boys.  I took them to Market on Main in the Maboneng district in Jozi so that I could pick up the t-shirt that was waiting for me at LoveJozi.

Oh I do love that place!! A lot!! I’m very sad though that I couldn’t spend more time there because 1.  we couldn’t find the stall selling boerewors rolls which is the only thing the boys would eat (SMH).  And 2. for some reason I didn’t think all the stalls took cash only, so I ran out of money to buy lunch and there aren’t any ATM’s (or at least any that I could find).

Maboneng Arts on Main

Hmmm brownies from The Counter .  Wish I could’ve tried their burgers though, they looked incredible!

The awesome T-shirt I got from LoveJozi because they published one of my images on the APostcardADay mobile app .  They have T-shirts with hadedas and barb wire on them!! Love it 🙂 And love that they have proper ladies cuts now.  My fave is still the one with the skyline

Drinking awesome homemade lemonade… the kids request.  It was very very sour, but oh so very nice.

Ooh and I bought some handmade raw chocolate 🙂 was so very good!

The kids were trying to work out how the graffiti artists got down to the sewers to paint on the walls 🙂 LOL!

Next time I’ll take more cash and stay longer!

**Update** apparently I’m blind and there’s an ATM on Kruger street close to Eat your Heart Out 🙂 I’ll remember next time