So, after all the blog posts I read and all the hype on Twitter and Facebook about Glossybox, Rubybox and Glambox, I decided to try it.  I ordered June’s Glossybox… partly because they were doing a special Stuttafords box.

It arrived at my desk at work yesterday, and it was beautiful.  The box was beautiful and so was the packaging inside.

Before I continue, let me explain what they are for those not in the know. All 3 companies basically offer the same thing.  You sign up for the month, and you get a box delivered with samples of cosmetics and toiletries of their choice (partially taking your preferences and skin type into account).

For R130 this is what I got:

1.  Sample sized (2ml) perfumes… Dolce and Gabbana The One sample, and the men’s Sport version of the same range.  The perfume is now going to be added to my birthday wish list.
2.  Escada perfume in a pack that only works for one application… smelt nice though when I used it this morning, but the scent didn’t even last until lunchtime.
3.  Clarins sample sized mascara… which is really awesome actually.  Love the wand that has a rubber end.  Really handy for a handbag.
4.  L’Occitane sample sized toner
5.  Lancome miniature lipstick from the Rouge in Love collection… which I won’t use because it’s orange-ish and not my cuppa tea.

And a Stuttafords card inviting me to go to the store to purchase the items at a discounted price.

My verdict:  The R130 probably covered the cost of the packaging and the courier, with a margin for Glossybox… but that’s all my money paid for.  I know, it’s a cynical way of looking at it 🙂

I did like being able to try the products without being in the shop, and that’s where the whole experience falls flat in my mind.  The market for the people ordering these boxes is online… they’re ordering the box online and it’s being delivered.  Probably like me, they’re time poor, but like trying new things, and like the idea of trying things at home rather than trawling from shop to shop.  Instead of giving me a card to make me walk into a Stuttafords… which I’m probably not going to do… rather allow me to buy the products online through Stuttafords with the discount.

I see that Glambox and Rubybox have an online store, but not sure whether they sell the same products that they deliver that month, and from chatting to a few people it sounds like the vouchers they got in those boxes can’t be used online either (although I could be mistaken there).

Do I like the actual products?  Some of them.  Love the Clarins mascara and I may go and hunt it down… and I’ve put the D&G perfume on my birthday list.

Would I buy it again?  No.  Partly because I don’t like the idea that I’m paying for just packaging, and partly because for me it’s a waste.  I don’t like using random lipstick colours that I haven’t chosen, and because my skin is so sensitive I’m very wary about facial products.

But glad I tried it once 🙂