The letter theme at school this week is “E”.  Last night we had a brainwave and decided that the best thing for show and tell was an ostrich egg.

So this morning, Connor excitedly took the egg to school, and according to the my mom, teacher Nicky had a field day with show and tell with it (my mom picks the kids up from school).  They measured it, and compared it to a hens egg.  They weighed it, and all got a turn to hold it.  Amazingly, it didn’t seem like many kids had actually seen one close up before, so it was quite an awesome show and tell thing for him to take!

Anyway, this is what it looked like when I got to my parent’s house this evening 🙂 it was no longer in one piece.

After Connor and Bradley were trying to spin stories about how it broke, which included a version where the children were throwing it at each other, and another version where everyone was fighting over it, my mom eventually told me the story that teacher Nicky had told her…

After Connor had spoken about the egg, the next child had a chance to explain his item, and Connor put it on his chair and promptly sat on it.

LOL! Someone had said that the egg shell was very strong.  Only he would try and prove that… he clearly hadn’t been listening to the part of the story where it’s only that strong when it’s filled with yolk and doesn’t have 2 holes in it 🙂

Oh well, my mom is now going to try and plant something in the bigger half 🙂

BTW I used my new iPhone app to edit the image… it’s an app mimicking old film cameras called VSCO Cam (I’m going to be buying their presets when I finally switch to Lightroom 4)