Bradley has been moaning for quite some time (read more than a year) about having problems seeing in class, and bad mommy here only took him on Saturday for his eyes to get tested.  It took over an hour, and he had a thorough test with cool images being made of the backs of his eyes to all sorts of eye muscle tests and then the vision tests. Turns out he was right, and he’s short-sighted in 1 eye, and has perfect vision in the other.

This means that he now has to wear glasses all day every day (apart from sport because he’ll be fine with just one good eye apparently).  And he has lazy eye muscles, so we have to do daily eye exercises… and she’s recommended video games… go figure… he’s as pleased as punch, of course, that the doctor says games are good for his eye muscles!

And we chose some really cool blue frames, and now we just have to wait for the medical aid answer and then collect them.

Poor kid!! I feel so very bad for leaving it so long 🙁