Thankfully, a mom of one of Bradley’s school friends, follows my blog, and commented this morning on a blog post about how she was stressing about the poster for Entrpreneurs Day… I hadn’t even noticed that it was due tomorrow… cue panic!!

Anyhoo, after getting to the local stationers this evening before they closed, and stocking up on cardboard and glitter and fancy pens, Bradley eventually finished his poster after 8:30pm!! Poor kid!

I would have preferred him to do it on the laptop, print the items out and stick them on (because his handwriting is not exactly neat), but he insisted on doing everything by hand… apart from him googling cutouts which he then printed, cut out, and traced onto the board.  This is ALL his handiwork…

… well apart from Connor’s version of a poster… he had to try out all the new fun stationery too 🙂  he wrote his name with glitter glue… quite good considering how tricky it is to write with it!

… and so it’s done… now we just have to figure out how to do this business case thing that’s on the list… and actually get the goods to sell next week!

Bwahaha!! Just noticed in my stats that someone found my blog this afternoon by googling “ideas for grade 3 entrepreneurs day”… glad I’m not the only confused parent out there 🙂 and just really hoping they don’t take the idea now, Bradley would be mortified!