Moms and dads were invited to watch the grade oo’s and 000’s doing their karate today, and I went along… and so glad I did.  Connor LOVES karate, and he was in his element today… it’s a little chaotic in the dojo with 4 and 5 year olds who barely concentrate… but it was awesome to see him going through the paces and a kata.

If you’re wondering… they only get to use karate uniforms next year in Grade 0, they do their karate in their school uniforms when they’re younger.

And then because I only remembered at the end of the demo about the video on my camera… I took a video of them saying goodbye… and you can see a smidgeon of the chaos 🙂

And if you’re wondering how I took them, because I got a question from a friend via FB message today… I only used my trusty 50mm f1.4, and I set the ISO to 800 and 1000.