I went to my first Girl Geek dinner tonight.  It was held at Full Stop Cafe in Parktown North, and amongst the cocktails provided by Bos Iced Tea (I had vodka and apple iced tea), and yummy supper and good red wine shared between a few of us… we listened to Tiana Cline from Girl Guides speak about the changes in various tech gadgets over the years… and Heidi Brauer who spoke about marketing.

And I loved the goodie bag we got to take home.  I got an awesome blue nail polish in mine, and I scoffed the brownie from Counter Love as soon as I got home… I was in desperate need of dessert 😉

I loved the gadgets that Tiana passed around the room, and she certainly got everyone talking about them.  I reckon I’m going to get another Kindle for the house, and I was in 2 minds about another one like I’ve got, or to get the newer Kindle Touch 3G, but after playing with that one this evening, I’m definitely going to get that rather.

Now, if you’re wondering why we need 2… Bradley loves reading on my Kindle, and if you follow me on Twitter, you’d know that I’ve been reading #FiftyShades… not a great idea for a 9 year old 😉

Oh and on the subject of #FiftyShades, I finished the 3rd book last night (I started reading them on Saturday morning)… here’s my quick few points about the book (from a little bit of a geeky perspective):

If you’re going to read it thinking it’s a literary work of art… it’s not… and you’ll be disappointed.  If you approach it like I did… expecting a trashy novel with lots of sex… then you’ll get what you expected.  I found the story line developed more  in the second book, and really didn’t see the need for the bit at the end of the last book where she started the story again from Christian’s perspective.

There were a few things that drove me dilly though…

  • I felt like I could scream (and not the sexy kind) by the end of the first book every time she mentioned her “inner goddess” and then by the third book I was getting irritated by the mentions of her “subconcious” which seemed to replace her inner goddess.
  • “Laters baby”… seriously… who talks like that?
  • Referring to everyone by Mr and Ms and Mrs drove me a little batty, and made me think that it was written in the 1960’s rather than in 2011.
  • And on the subject of 2011… this is the geeky part of me… what self respecting 27 year old multi billionaire in 2011 who uses an iPod and slightly mentions an iPad, uses a Blackberry for Pete sakes?!!  A Blackberry?!!
  • And if you’re both using Blackberry’s, why on earth would you be emailing each other?  And when last did you reply to an email with a new subject every time?!!
  • Then, to make matters even worse… in the third book the storyline continues in 2014… and they’re still using Blackberries?! Really?!   These books were written in 2011… as millionaires they should be using tablets or something more techy… especially considering their ages.

Anyway… I suppose the book is really about the sex anyway, and not about the tech.